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The operating systems can be to have or they were abrieron. Mainframesysteme was in the majority that it has, he pays attention proivoditelem of computers. In the supplies of maykrosoft of zone PK their own systems Windows, mac of the apple to the OS for their line of the computers of Macintosh presented/displayed, and other some there elections. The known open system was UNIX by itself, turned initially by the bell by the laboratory, also, in the universities freely fixed. In his of the linuxvariante it stops great PK, the works and OF IBM recently universal selection of which they are present.

The software of a source of opening in the protected matters of the reserved rights, but their gifts of the author leave outside towards the advantage, frequently including the right to change it, when the advantage is reduced by the new version. Linuks puts the free software of foundation' it is protected; license GNU of the public of „s, “as whole another software in extensive project GNU and this protection does with the possible one to change to the user, Linuks, also, them copies to even sell, when this right of the free advantage in copies is preserved.

The consequence of the right of the free advantage that mnogochislenn of NP the authors contributed the work Linuks to the GNU and the main system of many valuable components added. Although the quality control obrashchannyy dobrovets and surely foretells that Linuks did not maintain commercial the use heavy, he, they are which zamechateln successfully and seems of the best way in its UNIX version of the way in the universal one and PK, that are used like the operators of the Internet.

The diverse versions of the UNIX system; some, the majority to teperteper noncommercially of used freely, at least have. All kind-hearted of the delivery is graphical using interface. Although mac would be in favor of its own OS, its version that used, OS x of mac, was established in UNIX. In order to have systems like Microsoft' Windows of 9$8$ s, 2000 and gives XP to the integrated systems of high level. All the operating systems provide to the maintenance the enumeration of the document, for example nevertheless the system of maykrosoft could the same declaration of the window for the enumeration as far as the advantage of the world of the web browser. This integrated approach will form more with the difficulty so that of nonproprietary of the advantage of the capacities Windows of software, the characteristic, against which Maykrosoft was cost in Antitrustprozessen.


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the connection of the network.

The connection of the computer can happen by the wires, fiber glasses or the transmissions of radio. The networks connected with the wire can use the protected coaxial cable, that is so to the wire, that it holds the television to the recorder of the video tape or the antenna. With the modular pieces of connection can also use more simply the installation of nezaslonennuyu, the shipment-offs of the telephone are similar. The fiber glasses can put more signals than they send-offs; they are more and more used greatly for the more distances of dlinnikh frequently to connect the buildings with Hochschulcampus or the place of the company of the aggregate and, until the telephone companies refine their networks. The radio of the microwave also takes the signals of the network of the computer, generally like the part of the systems of dalniya of telephone. Niederleistungsmikrowellenradio will be common for the radio networks within the building.

Of inhausnetze.

Computers of the fixation of the building of the interior of inhausnetze (LANs) or the small group in the composition of the building. LAN, according to the indications of the illustration, is possible in proportion with (1) the tire to collect, to which the points of the front channel of zero or channel in structure subject that extends, (2) to the ring secondly, in which each computer subjects to friendly computer 2, to form the closed electrical circuit, or (3) to the star, in which each computer is connected immediately with the central computer and only indirectly with the mutuum. Each of these has advantages, although the adjustment of the tire got to be more generally.

Even if only 2 computers subject, must follow directories or the minutes, are located in the connection. For example one could indicate „is prepared, sent “and to hope that another one indicated „that it prepares to him, to obtain. “If dividing the reticulada one of many computers, was able minute the cover of the consideration of „of the directory, later only if his return “, or „, later you do not say, if somebody still speaks. “To the minutes is necessary also to do I sketch k, to process the line of interference.

The most common LAN of the project under the form in fact of which the center of 70 years of iger he was the tire connected the local network, initiate initially with Xerox PARC. Each computer or another instrument in the local network have the exceptional direction of small piece 48. Each possible computer, that it wanted would be to transfer, hears in the signal raise the motor, that demonstrates that the transference he is constant. If it does not determine, later it begins to transfer and it sends by the receiver of the direction from the start of his transference. Each system in the network obtains, each report nevertheless that did not pay attention to, that they were not tried to him. Until the moment the passages of the system, also hear, and if he determines simultaneous transference, later it stops, waits for time at random and tries again. The retardation at random before it tries again, diminishes the probability that they enter conflict again. This project admits like multiaccess of Kollisionserkennung (CSMA/CD). It acted very of the best way, while the network is not loaded moderate heavy, and after this one diminishes it, until the collisions are more frequent.

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