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Linux Router - Building a Cable/DSL Router Out of Old Junk

GRUB Intro - Introduction to the GNU Grand Unified Bootloader

OpenBSD Mac - Installing OpenBSD on a Vintage Macintosh

Linux+ Exam - A Few Notes On CompTIA's Basic Linux Certification

AT Keyboard to PS/2 - A Silly Hack to Convert an AT-style Keyboard to PS/2

DVD Ripping with Linux - Storing DVD Video Data with DivX, XviD, and Other Cool Codecs

HPing Demo - Exploring the HPing utility


CHAOS-Chattahoochee Area Open Sourcers - the 706 Area's BSD and Linux User Group

Temple Evangelism - Sharing the Shaolinux Way of Life

Geek Scrapbook - Various Bits of Technical Info That I Keep in Case I Forget

What is it?

For the last year or so, I've hosted my personal Linux projects on this site. This facilitates two important things: (a) provide information to the Linux/BSD community, and (b) get feedback from the community regarding the things I've done. Hackers detest duplication of effort, and these two points help to prevent it.

Currently the projects here represent my own work, but I'm more than willing to host projects others have done. If you like the idea, and have a few extra minutes, contribute a How-to about something interesting you've done. Just email me.

Who is it?

My name is Eater, I'm a hacker living in the Dirty South. I grew up in the West, but military duty brought me here in 1997. I've since gotten out, and currently run a small network consulting business in Columbus, GA. If you'd like to drop me a note, just holla.

I'm obsessed with computers and computer networks. I tend to bog myself down with more projects than I really have time for... so I end up working on all of them at the same time, getting nowhere on any of them.

I've recently helped to organize an open source advocacy group in the Columbus, Georgia area. The Chattahoochee Area Open Source (CHAOS) group has really taken off here, and I'm thrilled about it. There really wasn't much social focus for hackers in this area when I got here, but with the help of those involved with CHAOS, that is changing.

What does "Shaolinux" mean?

People who aren't as obsessed as I am with Kung-Fu movies and/or Linux are often lost by this reference. Let me clear things up: shaolin + linux = shaolinux. The Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist temple in China, and birthplace of Kung-Fu (some say all martial arts are born from there) I am hopelessly obsessed with Kung-Fu flicks... if I was a rapper I'd be in Wu-Tang. On a more serious note, I'm also intrigued by Eastern culture in general, to include the Buddhist and Taoist religions.

How was the site created?

The graphics for this site were prepared entirely using the GIMP, an incredibly powerful photo manipluation program. The scripts to generate the site were written using Perl , a versatile scripting language. All scripts and plain HTML templates are written using Vim, the VI Improved editor, a clone of the traditional vi UNIX text editor. The site is hosted remotely in Chatsworth, California, using a Red Hat Linux system running the Apache webserver.

In other words, this site is derived entirely from Open Source software! Here's to free speech, and free beer.

Content is (c) 2002 Eater and Shaolinux Temple, except where otherwise indicated. This non-profit website is about the flow of information, and nothing else. I'm sure as hell not getting paid for it!