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Linux Router - Building a Cable/DSL Router Out of Old Junk

GRUB Intro - Introduction to the GNU Grand Unified Bootloader

OpenBSD Mac - Installing OpenBSD on a Vintage Macintosh

Linux+ Exam - A Few Notes On CompTIA's Basic Linux Certification

AT Keyboard to PS/2 - A Silly Hack to Convert an AT-style Keyboard to PS/2

DVD Ripping with Linux - Storing DVD Video Data with DivX, XviD, and Other Cool Codecs

HPing Demo - Exploring the HPing utility


CHAOS-Chattahoochee Area Open Sourcers - the 706 Area's BSD and Linux User Group

Temple Evangelism - Sharing the Shaolinux Way of Life

Geek Scrapbook - Various Bits of Technical Info That I Keep in Case I Forget

13May03 "Back From the Dead"
07Oct02 "Hiatus"
26Aug02 "Temple Plugged on WBAI/Off The Hook"
22Aug02 "Google's Bad-Ass Catalog Search"
16Aug02 "More DVD Stuph"
15Aug02 "ALE-NW DVD Ripping Talk"
15Aug02 "New DVD Technique"
08Aug02 "More Temple Changes"
06Aug02 "Fourth Major Temple Revision"
02Aug02 "Yep... Winn-Dixie Does Suck"
23Jul02 "Columbus, GA LUG Meeting"
23Jul02 "Winn Dixie is Watching You"
28Jun02 "H2K2 is Imminent"
14Jun02 "ALE: DVD Ripping Talk"
11Jun02 "Please Refrain From Throwing Rotten Fruit"
07Jun02 "First Meeting: It Rocked"
06Jun02 "Coming to a LUG Meeting Near You: Free Pizza"
05Jun02 "No Starch joins Red Hat in Sponsorship"
03Jun02 "Red Hat Steps up to Plate"
03Jun02 "Screen Shots"
01Jun02 "LUG Date Moved Up to 7th"
01May02 "Facelift"

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