Car Insurance for UK Women

Since parliament has passed to standardize rates for both men and women in the UK, many have taken a ‘wait and watch’ stance to see whether the good rates women have been enjoying will be done away with. As much as the said ruling was given to give both genders a fair playing ground, nothing can change the fact that women (at least most of them) are better drivers than men. So even if insurance companies do away with the automatic lower rate for ladies, they will still evaluate you on an individual basis, and your female traits will carry the day.

As a woman, your driving habits are better than those of a man. You are more careful, less likely to get into accidents and hardly ever attract points for traffic offences. A male driver on the hand will often hit the speed limit, get into bumps and crash more than you. Statistically, it is proven that women cause only minor accidents, never severe ones. Men do the exact opposite. They form the highest number of victims of major road accidents, costing insurance companies more in compensation as a result. Given all this, why wouldn’t the insurer give you better rates? If your driving rivals that of the most reckless man though, not even being a woman will save you from high insurance rates.

Here is how to ensure that you get lower rates on your policy:

1. Buy multiple policies from the same insurer
If possible, buy all your insurance covers from the same provider. This includes home, life, health and any other you may need. Insurance companies reward loyal customers with multi-policy discounts which can lower premiums significantly.

2. Buy your policy from a specialist provider
Companies that specialize in women’s car insurance give lower rates than general providers. It is a strategy they use to win clients, one which works all the time.

3. Compare rates from multiple providers
If this means using a comparison website, do it. Get as many quotes as possible from a diverse rage of insurance companies. It is the best way to find the provider with the most affordable rates. Policies offered by specialist companies tend to be more diverse too, offering extensive coverage and more benefits.

4. Keep your driving record clean
Just because women cause fewer accidents does not make them immune – to crashes, points and claims. The more you can avoid these three, the higher your discounts can get. After one year of driving, you will be eligible to start building a No Claims Bonus (NCB). Take advantage of this as it will increase your discount percentage every year for the next five years. Because the NCB is devised as a short term strategy (you can only accumulate it for a maximum of 5 years), protect your NCB after five years so that you do not lose the benefits even if you make a claim.

5. Improve the safety of your car
Anti-theft devices will increase the safety level of your car. Install as many of them as possible. Do not keep valuables in your car. The same goes for expensive music systems which are attractive to car thieves. Lock your car away in a safe garage at night. It is something insurers consider when giving you a quote.

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