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Linux Router - Building a Cable/DSL Router Out of Old Junk

GRUB Intro - Introduction to the GNU Grand Unified Bootloader

OpenBSD Mac - Installing OpenBSD on a Vintage Macintosh

Linux+ Exam - A Few Notes On CompTIA's Basic Linux Certification

AT Keyboard to PS/2 - A Silly Hack to Convert an AT-style Keyboard to PS/2

DVD Ripping with Linux - Storing DVD Video Data with DivX, XviD, and Other Cool Codecs

HPing Demo - Exploring the HPing utility


CHAOS-Chattahoochee Area Open Sourcers - the 706 Area's BSD and Linux User Group

Temple Evangelism - Sharing the Shaolinux Way of Life

Geek Scrapbook - Various Bits of Technical Info That I Keep in Case I Forget

Temple Evangelism

Sharing the Shaolinux Way of Life

You Can Help This Non-Profit Website to Flourish

Shaolinux Temple has allowed me to share ideas and help others since it was created in March of 2001. It is commited to helping people use and understand GNU/Linux and other open source operating systems, tools, and related ideas.

I am always willing to publish how-tos or other features here on Shaolinux Temple. Just submit them here . This is an easy way to make your experience available without giving it the polish required for a repository like The Linux Documentation Project. If you remember t-files, you know what I'm talking about.

As an alternative, if you are already a webmaster and would like to help this website get exposure, please provide a link to it's front page, or any of the other technique or feature pages.

At this time I'm not trading links with for-profit sites. I feel the non-profit atmosphere of this site is an important factor in its continuing success. I'll be happy to trade links with other non-profit sites.

Here's my first attempt at an interesting banner. It's about 90K, so it's not exactly dial-up friendly. But, since most folks are on broadband now-a-days, I'm feeling less and less guilty about it.


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Content is (c) 2002 Eater and Shaolinux Temple, except where otherwise indicated. This non-profit website is about the flow of information, and nothing else. I'm sure as hell not getting paid for it!