How Linux Helped Create Cheap Car Insurance in the UK

Linux runs on a vast range of devices from smartphones to the fastest supercomputers. Many servers run on Linux; it is even used for onboard entertainment on planes. It is essential to use Linux distros commercially; through Linux, many nations such as the UK are enjoying cheap car insurance! How has linux helped UK motorists find the very cheapest car insurance policies? Even if you want to insure a Maserati short term?   read on! 

Why Linux?

There is a sensible reason why many enterprises, including the insurance companies, use Linux; it is secure, reliable, and cost-effective. Businesses can deploy several Linux software offerings to make benefit from open source’s flexibility and affordability. That is not all; enterprises are free to choose their most preferred Linux Server software when it comes to using Linux distributions commercially. Some of the most used choices include:

• Web Server such as Apache HTTP Server
• Database Management using the MySQL system.
• Customer Relationship management; Orange CRM will come in handy here.
• E-Commerce Tool – Presta Shop is the most powerful choice.
• Collaboration Suite like the Zimbra Collaboration Server

Car Insurance and Linux Dedicated Servers

There are many car insurance providers in the UK; finding the best is, therefore, a daunting task. Fortunately, there are several ways car owners can effectively minimise the time used and save money when they are in search of a car insurance provider. For instance, you can save more than £200 on your car insurance when you use online comparisons to find your service provider in the UK.
Car insurance firms that have utilised Linux Dedicated Servers to reach their clients have made significant progress. They have made accessing insurance services convenient and more affordable; undoubtedly, they have made the car insurance cheaper. Good news is that with Linux Servers, enterprises can build solutions that are specifically tailored to address their unique clients’ needs.

Why Using Linux Servers Cuts Costs Resulting in Cheap Car Insurance in the UK

For car insurers to enjoy affordable and quality services, the insurance company has to run efficiently. Thanks to Linux Servers, the insurance companies can now enjoy 100% network uptime to ensure that they are addressing their customers’ needs timely and professionally. The servers are ultra-secure to protect the companies’ information; this is critical in the insurance business.

Other Linux features guarantee car insurance firm’s data protection (this is one of the most notable reasons for the reduced car insurance fee charges in the UK)

• Advanced Monitoring – Linux Servers are monitored 24/7 identifying all potential vulnerabilities.
• Data Recovery Insurance – The immediate data recovery system, prominent in the Linux Operating System, guarantees minimum disruptions.
• Managed Cisco ASA Firewall
• Backup & Restore
• SLA+
• Bandwidth Insurance
• McAfee Active-Virus


The role played by Linux in companies, especially car insurance firms in the UK cannot be underrated. Although Linux’s application and usefulness impact the car insurers indirectly in most cases; its positive effect is undoubtedly indispensable.

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