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Back From the Dead
13May03 (EATER)

Okay! The Temple has survived an uncooperative hosting provider, a domain battle, and a horde of projects competing for equal time. Well, here it is! Now let's see if I can freshen up the content a bit...

07Oct02 (EATER)

Quiet around here lately, eh? Well, aside from the daily bustle of dealing with work, I've been putting my extra web development time into CHAOS706.ORG, my Open Source user group's web presence. Give it a look, if you'd like.

Temple Plugged on WBAI/Off The Hook
26Aug02 (EATER)

I forgot to mention last month that my Winn-Dixie rant made it onto the New York airwaves via Off The Hook. If you want to check it out, you can stream the show from Off The Hook's archive. It was on the July 31st show, at about 8 minutes into the program. The parody logo Emannuel mentioned can be seen here.

Google's Bad-Ass Catalog Search
22Aug02 (EATER)

Google's Catalog search (still in Beta) has had my attention for a while, I think it's a great idea... but I just recently noticed that now you can actually search for keywords within the scanned images' text. They've aparrently dumped their entire catalog scan collection through some sort of OCR doohickie, and cross-referenced it into a database. It even high-lights the keywords within the image! I very nearly filled my pants when I saw this today.

Oh, and check out their stuff at Google Labs... you'll like the Voice Search thingie.

More DVD Stuph
16Aug02 (EATER)

I enjoyed talking to the ALE-NW crowd last night. For those that wanted to see the Copyright Office study of the DMCA, here it is. Also, someone had the interesting idea of crafting a system run-level specifically for ripping DVDs... i. e., all unnecessary processes disabled, no X, etc., to expedite the ripping process. If anyone actually tries this, I'd love to see some benchmarks.

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