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GRUB Intro: What's Wrong With LILO?

You're likely already using LILO (Linux Loader) to boot your operating systems. Why should you take the time to switch to GRUB? Well, if you are perfectly happy with LILO, more power to you. LILO has limitations, however. If you'd like to boot a Linux kernel past your 1024th cylinder, you'll run into problems with LILO. GRUB does this easily.

GRUB also does nifty things like letting you boot a Windows partition from a secondary hard drive. Or, boot from a network! GRUB is independent of any operating system, so you may load the configuration files from whatever filesystem you see fit. The menuing system built into GRUB is also very intuitive and quick to configure.

Many of the previously mentioned perks are not explained in detail (or at all, necessarily) in this document. This document is designed to get you up and running with GRUB in 10-15 minutes. A wealth of GRUB information is included with the tarball from www.gnu.org.

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