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OpenBSD Mac: Stuff You Need

  • Mac SE/30 (duh)
  • SCSI hard disk, probably bigger than 200 to be usefull
  • A MacOS that works on 68k (Like System 7.5.3)
  • Apple HD SC Setup
  • The OpenBSD packages
  • The OpenBSD utilities for 68k

To be honest, once I got the the actual OpenBSD part of this project, it was cake. The real bitch of it was trying to install Mac System 7.5.3 with floppies. I had to d/l and write 19 floppy images one at a time, and copy them to the slow-ass SE/30, one at a time. I think it took me like a year. (Jeez, did I actually used to use floppy disks all the time? Amazing.)

You can get all the software listed above from various web/ftp sites. All the Mac stuff is available at apple's website. The OpenBSD 68k stuff is available at one of their mirrors. A utility called MiniSubstitute came in handy when making a Mac boot disk, here's info on that. You'll probably need a good boot disk when you get down to partitioning your hdd.

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