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A Few Notes On CompTIA's Basic Linux Certification

I took the new CompTIA exam, Linux+, early last month. From their website:

CompTIA, the Computing Technology Industry Association, has introduced the Linux+ certification to measure foundation-level linux operating system proficiency as a reliable indicator of employee success for both professionals and employers. The Linux+ certification measures vendor-neutral Linux knowledge and skills for an individual with at least 6 months practical experience. The target market for Linux+ certification is any individual interested in demonstrating fundamental Linux knowledge and skills.

This test costs you $190. It was around 70 questions, if memory serves, and you get 90 minutes to complete the exam.

Preparation: okay, this one's easy. For those of you that have been using Linux as a primary OS at home or at work, this test is not going to be much of a challenge. Do what I did, it's cheap and easy... I went to Books-a-Million the night before the test, sat down in the coffee shop and skimmed each chapter of the Sybex study guide, working the sample questions after each chapter to make sure I knew the stuff. This took about an hour or so.

Like their site says, this is a vendor neutral cert. The questions are pretty basic, not a lot of brain work involved figuring anything out. I would even venture to say that it's possible to just read the Sybex book, and pass this test, without ever actually having used Linux. (Of course, I wouldn't bring that fact up to a potential employer, if that's the route you'll take:)

If you've never taken a certification test like this before, it's pretty easy. A company called Prometric runs testing centers all over the place... you'll contact them to schedule one. The website is here. After you arrive at the test center, you'll sign some non-disclosure docs and they'll escort you to a little room with a computer that's wired into the Prometric server, which will allow you to point and click your way through the test. When you're done, they'll have a printout with your test results and send you on your way.

About a week later, you'll receive via snail mail a nifty folder with a cheesy looking certificate in it that will make you wonder where all that $190 actually went.

Other CompTIA tests are similar to this one... I took the i-Net+ and the Network+ as well. If you've already done the CCNA, these two are in the bag, you might as well go knock them out (if you feel like spending the money!) Big kudos to the GI Bill for footing the bill for these tests, by the way. Veterans have nothing to lose by taking these.

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