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Storing DVD Video Data with DivX, XviD, and Other Cool Codecs

This document could be alternatively titled "Video Stream Processing with Linux", as the tools and techniques involved are not necessarily limited to working with DVDs. transcode is particularly flexible in that it deals with a myriad of different formats and codecs. It is truly worthy of a place in the Swiss Army's arsenal.

The topic of DVD ripping, however, is a popular one. Therefore, this document will specifically detail the process of converting the main feature of a DVD into an XviD-encoded video file, probably for burning onto CD-R media.

Note: I got this document ready in a hurry before the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts (NW) meeting... I wanted people to have some idea of the process before my talk there. I imagine there are probably glaring errors and/or spelling and grammar travesties! Please excuse them, I'll try and get things polished up a bit in the next future.

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