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DVD Ripping with Linux: Introduction

What's all the hype about?

Watching, ripping, and transcoding DVDs has been popular in the Win32 community for a while now. Linux has lagged behind due to poor (or nonexistant) support from hardware vendors, and legal fall-out from the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. In spite of these obstacles, innovative software tools now exist to help Linux users take full advantage of DVD technology.

The process of ripping/transcoding DVDs will probably be a bit daunting to new Linux users. It requires a handful of tools that are not necessarily available in pre-compiled binary packages. If you're not familiar with compiling source code, you may want to come back to this How-to when you are a bit more experienced. Even if you are experienced with Linux, expect to do a bit of thinking on your feet to get the required tools installed properly.

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